TreeRing Green Yearbook School


"When my husband and I first pulled up to the school, we were immediately curious about what treasure lay behind the wonderfully welcoming privacy wall.  We were warmly greeted by Veronica, who made time to meet with us individually and provide us with an intimate tour of the school.  It was hard to take in all that she was saying because we were still getting over the shock of seeing a HUGE OUTDOOR play space and newly planted fruit and vegetable garden.  Still in awe- were we really in Los Angeles?- we followed Veronica into the classrooms.  Our love of the school continued as we scanned over the sunny circle-time space, the cozy reading nook, the ridiculously cute tables and chairs for snack and lunch time, the rear outdoor play spaces (including stage) and more space for outdoor "meetings" and readings.  We immediately knew that our precious daughter would LOVE the school.  The teaching philosophy, teacher compassion (and enthusiasm), and creative space were a perfect match for us and our daughter.  Since starting at Green Beginning, we've had the pleasure of watching our daughter grow both intellectually and personally. Her outgoing-ness, problem solving/coping skills, and environmental awareness (both with playmates and earth-related) have grown ten-fold.  Our once painfully shy daughter is now a super silly social butterfly.  I am completely convinced that the foundations laid by her loving instructors are helping our daughter become the assertive, smart, compassionate, and hard-working woman we aspire for her to be.  We are looking forward to her growth as she continues at Green Beginning and know that only amazing things will happen for her."

Josh and Jennifer Hornstock

Parents of Arden (age 3) and Trevor (age 16 months)

"I'm writing to tell you a little about our experiences with Green Beginning Preschool.  Our son started at the school when it first opened.  We had already experienced the wonderful teachers at this school because they had worked at a previous school that our older son attended.  Veronica Cabello, Keone Kealalio, and Theresa Maas are the founding teachers and I don't think I've met a group of more dedicated and caring preschool teachers.  They bring together years of preschool teaching experience, creativity, and a way with children that is unrivaled.  My son asks if he has school even on the weekends and is upset when the answer is "no!"  He has shown so much growth since he has started at the school and we have noticed a lot of positive changes with his speech, his behavior, and his overall attitude.  The school works very hard at creating a sense of community and they have done a great job.  They are also teaching the kids about the earth, they are growing their own garden, and they have a recycling program.  My son, at 3 1/2, knows what to do with our glass bottles, cans, and plastics, and he loves to contribute to the school's recycling containers!  We are thrilled with the school and appreciate the time and attention that is given to each and every child that attends."

Lisa Aronson

Mother of Jake (age 3)

"I am writing to you to sing the praises of Green Beginning Community Preschool.  My 3-year-old daughter started there as soon as they opened their doors.  It has been the most amazing experience.  They have the greatest teachers on the planet.  Every day is a new adventure at GBCP.  The curriculum is new and exciting and the children thrive there!  The school itself is a beautiful reflection of the teachers' hard work and dedication.  Our kids learn about the environment, recycling, and loving Mother Earth, along with all the other preschool things!  I could go on for pages, so simply put- WE LOVE GBCP!"

Dana Kay

Mother of Maddie (age 3)

"It will be strange next year to not be coming to your green house for school... But we have treasured every moment at GBCP. You truly have developed a wonderful community of families that are interesting, involved, and compassionate. The friendships that our kids, myself, and Tobin have developed there are priceless. And the coping/learning skills you and your staff impart to our children FULLY prepare them for elementary school. TJ is thriving at Westwood Charter and I know it is largely in part to the time he spend with you all. I am sure Max will be prepared just as TJ was."

Allison Tyler
Mother of TJ (age 5) and Max (age 4)

For social, cultural and educational reasons, we have always believed in the importance of our children learning a second language.  Thus, our nanny has always spoken Spanish to our children and we have otherwise encouraged them to learn the language.  Even with this emphasis, however, our oldest daughter, Payton, resisted the language until we enrolled her in the Koalitas Spanish immersion program.  Knowing how much our daughter and we loved GBCP itself, we knew the Spanish program would be excellent.  We were not disappointed.
Through GBCP’s immersion program, our daughter’s knowledge and use of the language exploded.  By the end of the program, she understood the language, spoke with confidence and her teachers tell us that she was even helping her peers understand and learn.  (She certainly takes pride in correcting our accents and interpreting words for us.)  She even tested as a native speaker and was accepted to both Spanish immersion elementary school programs to which we applied. 
And most importantly, she now enjoys Spanish; for example, she will often walk around the house singing the Spanish songs she learned in class (Itsy-Bitsy Spider being a favorite) and will have conversations with others in Spanish.  In sum, while we are amazed at how much she grew at GBCP in general, we are particularly impressed with how large of a role the Koalitas class played in that growth.  We could not be happier with our experience."

Aaron & Alison Wais

Parents of Payton (5), Piper (3) and Sadie (19mos)

"We had been a Green Beginnings family for a year and a half when Veronica introduced the Koalitas Spanish Immersion Program.  It would be our daughter’s last year of preschool and we were thrilled to be a part of it since it was our goal to get her into an immersion elementary school.  When school started, the proficiency test was only 7 months away.  We were skeptical of her ability to test in with having been in Spanish Immersion for such a short amount of time.  But she did it!!! There is no way this would’ve been possible had she not been a part of the Koalitas. The amazing teachers constructed a curriculum to engage my daughter into learning a new language and have fun doing it.  As testing time approached, the teachers worked closely with the kids to review what was learned and to solidify their confidence in speaking Spanish.  I must admit, my daughter was quite reluctant at first but the rapport the teachers have built with her made her want to learn the language.  She and her siblings love their Koalitas teachers and often come home singing songs and speaking to each other in the language.  Veronica and the teachers were extremely effective in helping us gain entry into a very competitive Spanish Immersion Elementary School.  We are excited to see our other children flourish for years to come in this loving, dynamic learning environment.”
Marcia & Andrew McGraime

Parents of Maya (5), Harper (3) & Griffin (3)